Admin Applications are Open!

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Admin Applications are Open!

Post by Lindemann »

Hi everybody. With launch coming over the hill and a pretty good estimated player base we have decided it would be a sensible idea to recruit some more members of staff to the team. This position would entail answering reports and assisting players with issues, as well as having your say on the goings on behind the scenes, be given the opportunity to apply to other internal teams(FMT etc) and the most exciting of all(I joke) would beta access for bug finding, feature testing(read: breaking) etc.

If you feel like these are duties you would be up to helping us with, please do refer to the application form at:

And post your application in:

We look forward to welcoming some new members to the team and showing you around!

Applications will be open until the 31st of October.

Thank you, Lindeman.
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Re: Admin Applications are Open!

Post by TMTMTL »

Really exciting stuff 8-)