Faction Information & Rules

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Faction Information & Rules

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Hello players of URP.
As URP is set in San Andreas which is a parody of California. We will go over a list of faction concepts that might not fit server standards or can not be supported by the current player base.

Starting our list we will begin with currently locked factions. These concepts are locked simply due to the limited size of our player base.

Aryan Brotherhood/The Brand/Nazi Lowriders
Black Guerrilla Family/Black Family/Black Vanguard
La eMe (Mexican Mafia)
Nuestra Familia
Norteno gangs
Californian state dominant MCs like the Vagos & Mongols
Full fledged organized factions (Los Santos crime family, West Coast Bratva etc)

These factions are currently locked as our playerbase can not properly reflect the sheer size of the population in San Andreas. Therefore we can not project prison gangs nor organizations that title over a large area.

We allow factions that are smaller in size but still can be traced to the bigger organizations or turn into one such as:

Any fictional or real (support) motorcycle club (Green Machine, Raiders MC, Silent Ones MC)
OCG street crews (Italian, chechen, chinese, korean, mexican etc.)
Any blood street gang
Any crip street gang
Any african-american street gang
Non sureno-affiliated latino street gangs (except Norteno related)
Sureno street gangs
Real or fictional white power/crime gangs (PEN1 etc)
Any asian street gang

There are more factions that can be made but they might not have made it to the unlocked list. Do you not see yours among the unlocked list nor the locked & banned list? Make sure to check with the Faction Management Team (FMT).

These factions are currently banned and will be for the foreseeable future for various reasons:

Drug Cartels
Non San Andreas gangs (Latin Kings for example)
Factions with mostly non San Andreas state citizens (such as a group of Alabama citizens moving to pursue a criminal career in San Andreas.)
Hells Angels MC
New law enforcement agencies
Federal agencies
Extremist Organizations (KKK, political neo-nazi groups)
Organizations of Terror (ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc)

Unsure about your faction concept? Contact Faction Management Team (FMT) & give them the details and they will clarify this for you.
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