BGS - Body Guard Services Incorporated

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BGS - Body Guard Services Incorporated

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At Body Guard Services (BGS), we are committed to providing the private armed security our clients need to safeguard their persons, homes, business environments, and families in San Andreas and beyond.
The world is a dangerous place, and it’s even more dangerous for business executives, celebrities, and other VIPs. Irrational actors pose a very real risk, and it’s rarely easy to predict when or where they will strike or what they will do. Sometimes, bad actors issue threats. Other times, the danger comes without warning, and can result in assault, robbery, kidnap, or worse.
How Professional Armed Bodyguards Keep You Safe
Many people might assume that armed bodyguards simply specialize in reacting to potential threats in a rapid and efficient way. The reality is that a trained personal security guard has skills that go well beyond that rapid response to danger. At BGS, our private security guards are trained to:

Secure locations and identify vulnerabilities in areas you frequent
Assess any environment and potential risks before they become immediate threats
Quickly identify warning signs
Develop plans to secure your person if danger manifests, including mapping escape routes when necessary
Respond to threats with the appropriate level of force
Advise you on risk mitigation strategies to reduce the potential for danger
In addition, private security personnel are trained to maintain your confidentiality, and never divulge your private conversations or other secrets. They also help to stop threats before they manifest, since their very presence often deters bad actors from threatening behavior.

We provide armed security service for a many families with residence in San Andreas.

Director Yoshi Xiao and his organization are by far one of the most professional security companies that I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Their guards are attentive, friendly, always on post, on time, never sleep on the job, and perform the duties with a smile.

I highly recommend you considering BodyGuardServices, Inc. for your security needs.
Other services we provide for our customers are:

General Investigations Marital Infidelity Investigations Missing Persons Investigations Child Support & Alimony Investigations Child Custody Investigations Adoption Investigations Identity Theft Investigations Photo, Video & Audio Surveillance Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Vital Records Replacement Polygraph Testing Forensic Handwriting Analysis Business Investigations Insurance Fraud Investigations Business Theft Investigations Financial Fraud Investigations Workman’s Compensation Investigation Personal Injury Investigations Corporate Surveillance Overseas Investigations Global Business Intelligence Corporate Espionage Investigation International Due Diligence Personal Investigations Abroad Premarital Screening & Verification Employment Screening 

When it comes to the hiring process, companies need to be more careful than ever before. You need to know whether your potential employees have criminal records, a history of violence, credit concerns, substance abuse issues, and other problems that could potentially put your business at risk.
Criminal Background Check
ISS criminal background
investigations can provide the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Our checks will help you ensure that your new hiring decisions are made in the most informed manner possible and minimize potential risks before they become major problems.

Comprehensive Background Search
We can verify crucial details that ensure that candidates are who they say they are. We also verify past employment history, licensing,employment references, andeducational credentials to ensure that you have the most accurate information available on any job applicant.
Contact Us
for The Executive Protection You Need When You Need It Most

Our armed bodyguards can provide the protection you need when you need it most, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. Give us a call today to learn more about how private security can keep you and your loved ones safe from potential threats.

Director Yoshi Xiao

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Re: BGS - Body Guard Services Incorporated

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